Learning To Be Quiet

This morning we had my daughter’s accommodations meeting for school. That’s the yearly meeting where we look at her accommodations that are in place due to her learning issues. She’s in 7th grade now, age 14. My job is to not talk. To let her answer for herself. To listen. I listened pretty well this […]


The whisk makes her rounds in the metal bowl. We hear her in the other room. My husband stirs enough magic to coerce Kk back to the dining room table. With pressure, the whipped cream streams from container to pudding top. Four bowls and we have communion. A new inside joke about cows. Ten more […]


There’s green acrylic paint on the wooden chairs in our dining room. It’s from the children who are no longer children. On Sunday, I painted at our table. I paint only so I can see orange and red thick lines on heavy paper. I paint so I can feel texture being laid down heavy. So […]

Oh Baby

As you go out, I go in to worry, my interior stomach, my too-much-to-take-in-this-world-sandwich of what have we done by making a baby who will leave one day? My mom tells me it’s an age-old story, this story I am living right now. A friend tells me she hated the whole last year before her […]

What do you want? Why?

I’m awash in teens right now. I want to be all clever, with an apt metaphor. But I tell you again that the poetry people speak to me more loudly in the early morning. It’s late morning here and I’m remembering a conversation with my oldest. How when I said her, all the chatter is […]

January 31st

Everyone is maybe sick of the topic lately. But I can’t get enough of it. Clichés and all. Like my Interviewee that pointed out that by the time your kids are teens, that cake is baked. I very much feel that way while knowing my kind heart is a place my kids will ask to […]

The Eve of Age 17

I’m pushing into new territory. Others have gone before me, found new hobbies, careers that spin close enough to passion, lovers and friends: things that take up space. Or perhaps, maybe, could be that some of them are like me: wrinkling, shriveling up, pruned & lined in their almost nightly bathes. If I just get […]

Falling Water

Falling Water  by Nancy Schatz Alton I feel myself pushing against the sadness that wells up inside of me. Don’t let it out don’tletitout don’t-let-it-out. It’s a crushing wave. I let myself feel it in small spills— Seltzer that ruins the Sorry game we’ve played so many times. I say, “Throw away all the games: […]

What Works

It’s 5pm on Sunday night, the only day I have no work this week. For so long, I thought I should be working more. Or working for pay more often. Now I’m working more, diversifying, switching things up, seeing what works. What works now: I really need that day off to feed me. I was […]


She almost puts balsamic in the cookie dough. She calls out, “Mom!” and I use my woman eyes to locate the vanilla. Her friend calls her Car-o-line. Short but long like that, the melody of her full name—my chest clenches in pleasure. I want to write a poem. This time I have left at the […]