Do you know how lucky I feel? On a day like today when we’re celebrating endings and the sun shines, I know I have it all. Because who else gets to watch you sporting striped pants with confidence? So often, I write to get out of a downward spiral. I forget to note the goodness. […]


I’ve surrounded myself with pictures of joy. As I sit at my desk, within my line of vision are pictures of people I love smiling with so much joy. My mom, my dad, my husband, myself, my girls. My mom in her 20s, hands on her hips, looking straight at me in the same manner […]

Oh, Peter

“Sometime you hate everything.” That’s what my friend wrote to me ten days before he died. I didn’t want to look back on our email interaction when I heard the news of his death. Because reading his typed words the first time was bad enough. I hadn’t seen Peter since I was in my early […]

Nothing to Say

The wooden gate marks a beat with no beat. The wind is winning my attention. The rain is pulsing out a rhythm. It’s Tuesday and although the world outside my window is all wetness, I just saw a bee (or what looked like a bee) fly by. The rain moves at a slant, right to […]