Full Moon Ahead

Oh, it’s an update day. Where am I at? I’m immersed in the work week and it’s the morning after my class. It’s no secret to let you know some nights I am teaching to myself. That’s kind of a vulnerable thing to put out there though: no one shows up to my class. Don’t […]


I’m a collector of phrases. I live with some phrases for decades. I tape them to my desk and on my window sill. I read them as necessary. But I need new phrases all the time. Right now I have a new one on my bulletin board above my desk, written in my scrawl. It […]


When I think of sturdy, I think of you walking across the park as night began to arrive. You look taller from a distance. You’d just used your Lime Bike app to buy me a ride. You’re the one that reached out to grab the electric bike so I wouldn’t crash into the fence. I […]

Want + Need

I want to be a collage artist. I want to be in two places at once. I want to be a poetry professor and the woman who sits in the school while her daughter attends 6 tutoring sessions a week. I want to go backwards and nab an MFA at age 26. Or forward and […]

Cause And Effect

I capitalize the A because it’s crazy sometime how clearly I see Cause and Effect. How yesterday a friend called and invited me to see Michelle Obama with her friends. What a huge gift. Liz was sad I wouldn’t be home last night and I said, “Liz, it’s Michelle Obama.” Touché. I think the entire […]

Dreamscape + Trees

The nights are noisy with my dreams. In the morning, bits and pieces flash before me until the quiet silences them. I want to be quiet. I let the loud crashing of my demons simmer down. It’s hard to talk when there’s so much grief in this world. All the stories held in ink on […]

With Joy

The grey is back. It’s the backdrop I need for my waiting to hit the stage of my own classroom tonight. I’m teaching adults for the first time. A few adults. I’m leaving out the words only or just even as I hear them in my head. But it’s powerful, deciding to show up for […]

It’s a mess in here.

Can you see me in my office? It’s a mess in here. I’m eating cold oatmeal. I’m waiting for Liz to walk in the door. I made her walk home because I’ve been sick and I can’t face the carpool line. I just finished writing a really hard rough draft. A rough draft that took […]