Rock On (Celebrating 45)

I spill my rocks out on the wooden desk. The desk that lived in my in-laws home for many years. The wood is solid even if the writing platform is too high. I like that it’s left behind from a time now passed even as I keep pushing against the thought that stuff outlasts people. […]

Build Your Own Life Raft

So often I want someone else to build my life raft for me. Some song from my childhood runs through my head, “What about me/ It isn’t fair/ I’ve had enough now I want my share.” My share seems to include someone else figuring out my shit for me. A funny thing happens when you […]

Onion Thoughts

My skin is thin. The world cuts into me like I’m the layers of an onion. Peel me and you reach tears quickly. Often I dislike my porous hide. Or maybe it’s my eyes within my head that bring me to grief. I see things that usually remain hidden. This is what makes me a […]

Building a Bridge

I keep thinking about antonyms. Private and public, easy and hard, alone and together. I’m a writer. I spend a lot of time alone, writing. Although some days it’s a lonely endeavor, when the words are flowing and I’m writing away and I finish an assignment and I know my work is good, I am […]