I think this is when blog writing gets hard. The days are growing short. The wet seals us in with a new level of coldness when the thermometer hovers around 40 degrees all day long. My youngest has been waking me up in the middle of the night and my own allergies mean I’m not sleeping great anyway.

I’ve been thankful here, but have I been crabby here? I didn’t bike this morning or meditate. The coffee is cold and later today I am working on a resume and a cover letter, which is not fun. The air that seeps through the window feels tinged by the sound of the rain that slides down our gutters: chilly.

But in ten minutes I’m interviewing an expert that I’ve interviewed multiple times for my story on failure. I like her. I know if I show up in conversation with her, my brain will react in a positive way. I think the cold coffee will taste better after that.

The kids don’t have school for the rest of the week starting at roughly 3pm today. They’ll fill the house with their joy at having empty time for themselves. I have a good book to read. I have space away from work that I’ll spend with family and friends. A puzzle awaits, which is such a great way to get out of my thinking brain and into shape and color and short-term success: I found the right piece! Amen, amen, amen.

Until tomorrow, my friends! See you then.

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