How To Draw A Triangle

How to Draw a Triangle When Given 3 Angles  by Nancy Schatz Alton

Go to Google.

Type in: how to draw a triangle.

Watch: when given 3 angles pop up.

Click on the first choice.

Watch the ad.

Click the ad off.

Watch the man explain how to draw a triangle.

Show your daughter.

Forget how to do it before you finish.

Watch the video again.

Show your daughter.

Rest for a few days.

Listen as your daughter tells you

she can’t remember

how to draw a triangle.

Tell her you’ve got this.

Go to google again.

Pull up a chair for her next to your desk.

Watch the video together.

Hope you both remember this

until math class switches to a new unit.

Praise the world

for math tutors.

Think about triangles.

Wonder if you’ll remember every triangle

contains 180 degrees.

Wonder about why you speak English

while letting your knowledge of math narrow.

Think of how math pokes you with her sharp angles.

How you have caught glimpses of math’s magic

occasionally. How this magic was magical

and brief. Like a star flaming out.

Although you still hold some numbers close.

  1. 11. 27. You can’t live on a triangle.

You know how to draw one, given three angles,

right now. Protractor + Google = 180 degrees.

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