I want to be everything.

To be everything, I’d have to give up too much:

the 5-minute hug that helped my daughter greet her day

clean laundry


feeding my loves

walks where we talk about cars & clouds

your growing up

my growing up

how we grew each other up


while I desperately tried

to not make me

your responsibility


see how I dive too deep for Monday

every Monday morning


see how punctuation is too much


& I have 3 hours to write an article


yet look

instead I’m writing to myself

& to you

you out there

you who also wants everything

but can’t give up

the unproductive (& productive)

washing of lettuce



cloud & car talk time


may be walk into this June day

with our love like a cloud

covering everything

giving us just enough fog

to know

we already have everything

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