Flip & Fly


Flip & Fly
by Nancy Schatz Alton

I want to kick my legs up into a headstand

maybe a handstand

flip over into a backbend

my friend’s hands catching me

the lawn green

my breathe fast, alive

no years looped in


oh, strange corroded pathways,

mysterious brain.


I want to stand on the lawn

& say yes:

I’ll try the head/hand-stand

if you catch my legs

hold while I flip

the air pressing into me

freedom: sweet moment

I slip into

between head/hand-stand

& backbend.


Can we catch it again:

that feeling of flying

the second the fear releases

like the poem says:

I’m flying flying flying

in the trees of your eyes

everything new

not touched by too much life

the end too near.


Sure-enough hands

a friend, close

the air

the green grass

the white-bubble fluffy white clouds

blue sky

not too hot

fear   freedom   flying

the trees of my own eyes

centered and growing.


*line of poetry from Marge Piercy poem that rumbles though my brain all the time




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