Full Moon Ahead

Oh, it’s an update day. Where am I at? I’m immersed in the work week and it’s the morning after my class. It’s no secret to let you know some nights I am teaching to myself.

That’s kind of a vulnerable thing to put out there though: no one shows up to my class.

Don’t worry; people have taken my class. And they’ve liked it! They’d like to come again when their schedule allows!

When I’m alone, I like being in this beautiful studio, making art with no outcome. It feels like a sacred hour. Last night I wrote and drew and read poetry out loud and listened to music and wrote poetry. It feels right to be there.

And it feels hard. My goal-setting group asked me what my goals are for the class. Lately I’m tired of goals, although I like goals, too. I like flexible intention type ones, setting a goal and seeing what shows up. And I also like doing things with no intention. That’s what the class is about: playing for play’s sake.

Play: I’m working on play. I’m working on creating boxes for my creativity. I’m falling into the space that feeds me by making a container for myself. This feels like holy work.

Holy work is hard. And good.

Today I am excited to work at the bookstore, to plan my teaching for my young students on Friday, to do some writing work. To fall into family time after my bookstore shift. I’m glad to be alive, happy that a full moon is arriving soon. Today is my middle brother’s birthdays today, and it was another brother’s birthday on Sunday. My husband’s birthday falls on the full moon day, I think. That seems exactly right. These are the days, my people, these are the days. Hold them. See what arrives.

Where are you at?

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