It’s strange to be in my office working. Strange to look at my bulletin boards: quotes and drawings and pictures of my family. There’s a painting by Chris that sits at my eye-level. It’s a woman looking down, intent on her work.

I am intent about my work. I carefully place these quotes and drawings and pictures of my family. I write for me and for them. I write so I can build a strong center. I need a strong center for my relationships. I need a strong center so I can write. Becoming a writer has been my life’s work. Becoming a human that can be in good relationship is also my life’s work. The quotes within my range of view remind me that this work is hard but doable. Both the work of writing and the work of relationship.

“You won’t get today back. …. the speed of want … Patience: bearing these difficulties for long enough to work through them.” –Lori Gottlieb

“Those who remove mountains begin by carrying away small stones.” -Chinese Proverb

“Be happy whenever you can manage it. Enjoy yourself. It’s lighter than you think.” –Corita Kent

My eyes take in the image of a woman working, eyes cast down to take in her tasks. She steadies me as I work through my tasks. It’s not always easy, but task by task (stone by stone), I get my work done. My writing work and the work of relationships. The weight of my life: it’s a lucky thing to carry these stones as gently as I can. I’m not always gentle, but if I remember to breath into love, I find the fortitude necessary. This life: I turn to love. Love grows me up.

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