Want Is Loud

Want Is Loud*  by Nancy Schatz Alton

“It’s good to want. It builds character.” Ben Bauermeister

I’ve come here from want—the blue stone pulsing in bright yellow light.

I’ve come here from hills that I now call slopes,

from anger and love, fear & sweetness,

from every emotion you can name,


I’ve come here through every emotion you name “I don’t know.”

I’m the welt of feeling underneath the scratch that-just-can’t-be-soothed.

I’ve come here by way of how you scan the shelves

but still can’t name your exact desire.

And after your wanting is filled—I’ll still be here:

wanting more blue saturated by sun ray

shot through by love (& anger)

fear & sweetness

named and hard-to-place emotions:

I’m the home for want. Want me? Want more.


*I borrowed the first phrase from Ada Limón’s poem “Ancestors.”

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