My Eyes, They Are Buzzing

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Peanut butter & poetry is what I want

Alliteration & cheese puffs, the natural kind

I want rhyming and not rhyming (sometimes)

Syllables set down without too much thought

Words chosen for meaning and because they will not

Stop spinning around my brain.


My eyes are buzzing from overload. A third of the day is gone and I’m just back from Fred Meyer and volunteering at the library at my youngest kid’s K-8 school. That means that I’ve talked too much, drank weak coffee, overshared, and well, you get the idea.


I have much random stuff to do, work tasks like editing and interview set-ups, home stuff like homemade pizza prep and dental bills. But I said I’d write every day here. So here it is. Short and sweet with a strange poem up top. Because I just helped a friend with a poem that called for rhyming, which always leads to alliteration, and me wondering why should we make the words rhyme? Um, sound, we do it for sound.


Also, in case you’ve always wondering why 5 divided by .1 equals 50, I asked a math teacher and I think I almost understand it now. It has something to do with the fact that when you divide fractions (and .1 is 1/10th), you’re really multiplying them. It’s about how many pieces of pie, or beads or stickers you can give someone if you divide 5 by 1/10. Fifty, folks, the answer is 50. I am not sure why I am all of a sudden trying to master 5th grade math. Oh right, because I have a  sixth grader. Or because people tell me math is a language. Or I’m bored? Or because math is a challenge and I already know how to make homemade pizza.


Aren’t you glad you don’t live inside my brain? Have a nice day.


See you tomorrow.





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