By Nancy Schatz Alton


I’m on the edge of something.

Its curves lead to my flaws,

the messes I’ve made,

the ruptures followed by repair.


I’m dancing to Prince.

My youngest returns all notes

with her perfect pitch

We’re weaving a story out of song.


One of my oldest friends

hands me back myself:

an introvert who parades as an extrovert

a girl who can’t stop singing.


I find an old hat.

Everyone in the family

tries it on.

We all wear it best.


I’m opening paint cans.

every brush is colored orange.

My skin glows pumpkin.

My daughter snaps a picture.


I’m standing on the S-curve.

I’ve forgotten all the math.

I let go of the equation.

I let the music move me.



2 thoughts on “Now

  1. I want to comment, but have little to actually say. I like this… examination? exploration? bit of self-awareness? self-acceptance? All/none of the above?

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