Open Heart


Open Heart  by Nancy Schatz Alton

I want to be a “flung-open door”

just like the poem says

capturing wind & tree sway

bird song & seal dive.


I’m the Sunday hike all week long

no interruptions for the mundane

all sea swell & evergreen scent

no room for disappointment or dismay.


Yet the city rolls here:

truck honk, car wheels on cement

poop processing plant aroma

overwhelms pine, sea-salt & sweat.


That’s why I watch the way

my rubber boot meets the mud

frame the trees piled up & tossed

by Friday night’s storm.


I can’t live here but this

can live in me: earth stink

ghost-shaped winter trees

water soaked& satisfied.


*poetry line from “Brokeheart: Just like that” by Patrick Rosal





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