Orange by Nancy Schatz Alton

“I am lonely for myself.” -Crysta Casey


All along I was not alone—I was with myself

walking — making conversation — waiting for someone to fill me up

yet here I was: orange center right in my belly

red heart, green chest, blue throat, an indigo cloud that took my head off.


I am, I am a tree & I meet myself in the forest

I’m a tree taller than the length of my vision

covered in moss—I hold myself

while my husband waits.


All along I saw my reflection — greasy skin in my glasses

I was so patient waiting for my best friend to arrive

thinking if I was my best self

this best friend would never leave.


Now I’m startled as I place a call to the world

and I answer — the sound of my voice

strong enough to meet my orange center

in an embrace: hello.



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