Our Song


Our Song by Nancy Schatz Alton

Your blossom into speech is slow.

Your smile covers every inch of my skin.

You reach for my hand as we walk.

How long it took to meet someone who I felt no need to give words to.

You’ve taught me silence, how it’s enough to hold our wishes quietly,

especially when we don’t believe them.

Oh, I didn’t believe you would break into song on a big stage.

You have. You did. I was in the wings wishing I could see you.

All that prep with me learning how not to speak

and you learning how to show your secret self:

the song in tune, your smile from inside breaking over the listening faces.

We walk, not talking, hands clasped, arms swinging, an ancient song.

Until we do talk: we’ve been thinking the same thing. We smile and laugh.

The silence broken to mark our marvelous togetherness.


*blossom into speech is a phrase from the poem “The Student” by Dorianne Laux


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