Random Thoughts

My head is filled with so much info it may explode. Test her. Don’t test her. Make sure and find a linguistics remedies tutor. Wait the couple that founded that program split up and now there are two different names for the same curriculum. Don’t hold her back. Keep her with her social group. She’ll always have a learning disability so don’t make her repeat kindergarten. Repeat kindergarten. I’m only thinking of what is best for her.

I can’t focus on my writing and editing work and am beginning to think I have ADD. She has that, too, right, and she got it from me? Of course she did. And do you know that kids with one learning disability usually have a cluster of issues? Because for god’s sake, if you are going to have dyslexia, why not have ADD and sensory issues to go along with it? Kind of like a bouquet of problems, because who doesn’t want three difficulties for the price of one?

And still. But yet. Right in front of me is Annie from Loveland. She was sick a few days ago, so were cuddling in bed. She earnestly said to me, “Have you ever been in love like this before?”

“No, I haven’t,” I said in reply.

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