Rondo for the Light


Rondo for the Light By Nancy Schatz Alton

The bumper flies & lands away from me. The man offers me blame.

Just like that: I’m done. Really, that’s how you’re going to play it?

We’re alive, we’re stepping out of our cars, photographing details & numbers.

His jeep, jet black & asking me to believe in the darkness. I don’t.


Finally: I’m done. Really, let’s play that we get another day to live in it.

See the Olympics: their snow-capped peaks dazzle our blue/brown eyes.

His jeep, jet black, asks me to curl up with darkness. I don’t.

Be a light bearer, breathe within endless light rings & sleep.


The Olympics dazzle our brown/blue eyes with their snow-capped peaks.

Turn away from fallen heroes who love their power.

After I wake, I’m a light bearer breathing within rings of endless light.

My kids live within my belly strung with tiny strands of bright.


Ask your fallen heroes to repent, power is an ugly ruler.

Their words live inside my body even as I turn away.

My kids live in my belly; I string up colored brights, flower-flecked.

My bumpers gone, I fly with birds & land on the other side of blame.


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