Seasons of Love

Years after you are done with me

I learn everyone is done with each other

In due time

I can’t start a poem with the conclusion

I mean it’s only Monday and we have an entire week to live through

Comings and goings, endings that aren’t endings

Because we find a new breath that will carry us

Into beginning again with each other

This relationship fragile and built on repetition

And surprise

We are not leaving each other

Maybe I leave unworkable relationships late due to constant amazement

At how people work

When people leave me

I give too much credit to their leaving

Call my story boring, untenable, unlovable

Forgetting I leave all the time

I turn inward to see what I need

It’s not so different than choosing a new tea to love

As fall arrives

It’s why I taped that Brené Brown quote where I can see it

Just because someone isn’t willing or able to love us

Doesn’t mean we are unlovable

I walk through my days searching for moments to love

The hummingbird, the five sea otters, the way my girl

Walks back into the fray to try again at communication

The evening I learn to tie a fly between the tasks of living

Each moment fragile as we fly through this life

Loving and unloving then loving each other again.




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