Sing It

Sing It by Nancy Schatz Alton


We are still young.

Our amazement still plays like a favorite song on the radio.

It’s hard to hold our awe with all the bulletins coming in:

beeps, alarms, no more rotary dial sounds for us.


We are still young

holding our young

making new laps

to hold what cannot be held.


I hold the picture

I try to take

in the dressing room:

blue dress highlighting your beauty.


You are young young

your hair glows

like the best unicorn

& a river we ride.


I don’t want to make sense

I want to hold my youth

like a river that

never runs dry.


I hold you

all limbs & love

you hold me

all softness & age.


We are still young:

aching yet joyful

holding what cannot be held

listening for the door to open & slam shut.


We never tire of the noise

of our own children

coming & going

pausing & being


with us & without us.

We were all young together

We are still young

in our love: loving love.

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