I forgot how white the sky becomes when it snows.

Today I’m pulling toward rest. The snow feels right: it would be nice to cancel obligations for a week of snow. Yet I know the only obligations really canceled are the ones for kids and teens. How it takes a lot to make the world stop.

I’m resting today even though I can hear my deadlines taunting me.

Maybe if I had a better word for unwind, I could quiet those voices down. Disentangle. There’s something about knowing what you are up for is not striving toward deadlines. I’m up for watching the snow. While reading about a free climber. Have you seen that movie “Free Solo?” I haven’t but I’m reading Alex Honnold’s book for a book club. The book makes me realize, yet again, that everyone on the planet is wired completely differently. I don’t want to live out of a van and spend days cleaning tiny plants out of rock crevices before my free solo attempt is filmed by drone. On the other hand, the woman I met who said she was doing an MFA residency program in Paris? Well, I can picture that, even though I know we have wildly different lives.

That’s always the question: how to be content enough with our one life. How to realize our life is completely unique. A brief conversation gives you a glimpse of another life. Reading a memoir gives you another glimpse. We’re so close to our own lives that it’s hard sometimes to see why we did things until years later. Perspective.

My perspective today of the falling snow that contrasts with the evergreen tree outside my window: that’s helping me untangle all the words flitting through my brain. I see all the words and I unsnarl them from my mind. I let them murmur and fall on their way to being quiet. And I watch the snow fall.






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