Sunday Night Thoughts


Track pants and high heels. Long flowing sweater like the long flowing hair. The Nordstrom associate maybe was a model. She clearly had her finger on the pulse of what’s hot right now.

I’m not a style maven. I’m not even sure my phrasing is correct: what’s hot right now.

But I love clothes. I love seeing people sport outfits I could never pull off. God, I’d love to know how to rock high heels and Adidas track pants, the bottoms rolled up just once. To walk in an outfit like I owned it.

It: Like I owned my spirit, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

I do walk in outfits like I own my spirit. I have my own sense of style and it’s ruled by color and hats and stripes and more color. When I’m stepping into a classroom, I’m wearing all of my colors together and it works. I own it.

I also own polar fleece and comfy worn-in jeans, rolled twice at the bottom. I rock it. I walk in it through the city with my husband, talking about houses and buying apples at the farmers market.

I’m in love with the way that clothes capture the spirit of the wearer. I’m in love with the world around me and part of me loves a mall as much as I love hiking both the city and the wild.

I’ve been to the mall and on two long city walks this weekend. What sticks from all that strolling is the woman in the heels and the track pants and my husband unable to say no to the apple Danish at the market. What sticks from your weekend?



2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Thoughts

  1. And I am going in the opposite direction—I have decided to wear all my old clothes and maybe spice them up a little but not spend anymore on “fashion”. I feel a need to use up what I have, wear it out, and not buy new–cnserve, conserve, go green, go green, waste not, neo want!!!

    1. I wish I was green as can be. I am not! Although I think carefully and recycle and buy used often, too. Go Judith!

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