Tacos: Ordinary or Extraordinary?


on Tuesdays make me content.

Crunchy delight:

salsa, cheese, beans, veggies & shells,

the ordinary tastes extraordinary to me.

Oh, November 2nd. I already wanted to break my promise to you, the one about blogging every day. I guess that is why people make promises. It’s easy to blog on day 1, announce to the world that you are blogging every day! Or at least to the few subscribers and the people still on Facebook. Harder on day 2 when life throws curve balls (kids!) and work and tiredness you way. November 2nd is so ordinary. Except the ordinary is really what keeps us humming: the breakfast my husband makes, the leftovers I pack for lunch, the student I’ve taught for years that comes in to play Foosball with me between the classes I teach. And the extraordinary: my 16-year-old making the rice for dinner with no complaints right now! The rainbow and bright blue sky tucked next to storm clouds that brought a dash of rain to the morning. The rain falling on either side of the double-decker freeway I was driving within. Life, everywhere, waiting for me to notice and then take the time to write about it.

The tanka above is one I wrote with my students today.

See you tomorrow!

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