The Moment Before

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I’m in that sweet spot, where everything is pretty good and I sense change around the corner but it isn’t here yet. I mean, I’m actively working toward something new, with no clue what that new might be. But I’m mostly past the fear of what’s ahead. I mean it’s there, but instead of sinking into the fear I’m relishing what’s right.

So much is right.

Yes, I said that in a time when so much feels wrong.

Because so much is right.

My almost 16 year old is finding her footing, learning how to drive, how to be an advocate for herself when things don’t go her way, how to play a song on the piano for fun.

My almost 13 year old told me she likes school so much she almost wishes that today was a school day instead of a Saturday. When I told my husband she said that, he replied, “She said that? You’re lying right?”

Because it’s been 7 years of hard work to get her to a place where she wants to go to school.

If I can’t appreciate her happiness, I might as well be dead.

See, I can get from the light to the dark so fast.

But right now, as dusk arrives and the late-fall light hits the upper windows of the houses, all is well. I’ve prepared for whatever is next. I’ve given thanks for what is right and for how hard we’ve worked to get right here. One might say, “I bet next week is Thanksgiving.”

They’d be right. Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “The Moment Before

  1. I totally understand that feeling of “waiting for the other shoe to drop” and I don’t know if it is experience in my upbringing or chemical in my brain, or what. It takes effort for me to see the good sometimes. I hate that, and am actively trying to change that.

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