The School Year Ends


I’m sitting in the rectangle of light made by the beams’ ends that come through my window and rest on the floor. After four days of not exercising first thing, I managed 15 minutes on my bike in the basement this morning. It sounds so of the times and annoying to say it helps. It helps as much as a good night’s sleep. That pushing my brain away in favor of pedaling. It’s not that I don’t think, it’s more that the motion changes how I think.

Exercise is the elixir that makes my kids growing up bearable. That makes me growing up bearable. I can look at the number attached to my upcoming birthday and feel lucky after I peddle instead of jealous, the way I feel when I see the young moms at school with their tiny creatures. My jealousy isn’t even attached to wanting to go back. I don’t want to go back there, to that minefield of early elementary school. But forward? To my kids using the wings they are meticulously crafting in our home? Gulp. Forward we go.




2 thoughts on “The School Year Ends

  1. Forward. Definitely.

    I hate exercise, and it certainly doesn’t make ANYTHING bearable for me, but THAT is a different subject. I do it because I have to. Getting older has not benefited me and finding the time is at times an insurmountable chore.

    But it is al part of that forward movement. The kids progress. While I don’t any more, or feel like it anyway, I try to keep up with the momentum.

    1. Love your comment. Hoping to run into you soon, and your t-shirt collection is definitely about forward progress…

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