Thinking About Failure


Mondays are so weird. I have a hard time transitioning out of the bliss that is a weekend, especially after a 3-day weekend. My heart is with my kids’ hearts but their hearts are out roaming the world. I notice as soon as they are almost gone (as I’m waiting for Annie to be ready to leave the house), my brain starts to swirl with worry. Like why haven’t we practiced driving more with KK? And it spirals out from there.

But I’m good at watching my brain. When I think about attacking my husband with that question, why haven’t we….I slowly realize I know that it’s KK who needs to want to learn how to drive. She needs to make it a priority and ask us to take her driving.

But really, this blog isn’t about KK and driving, it’s more about the fact that I need something to write about. Writing here every day is making me think about what I tell people when they ask me how often they should blog. I say, ‘You should blog when you really have something to say.’

Ack. Why am I blogging every day? Because it’s good practice and a strange exercise to make myself write, but I think too much about my audience when I put my writing on the blog daily.

Still, since I’m here and I do believe you should only blog when you have something to say, I’m going to slow down my typing fingers enough to figure out what I have to say today.

Um, I am writing about failure for work, why it’s good for parents to let their kids fail. I bring a lot of baggage to this piece as I actually have a kid who has failed at school naturally: learning issues. And I have a kid who has a pretty easy time of it as school. But this second kid fails, too. The first kid, ah, everyone who told me she would learn resilience due to dyslexia: you were right. The other kid: well, she’s the tricky one.

The fact is feeling failure is a very uncomfortable place to be. Being loved while in the middle of failure is good. So, you know, I don’t have anything huge to say. Just that thinking about failure is interesting in a world that loves success. A world that loves success but also knows failure is necessary part of life. (That people who are comfortable with failure have more success.) And failure leads to emotions. Emotions = fun.

I hope if you are out there today and you feel like a failure or you think you have failed big time at something that there is someone nearby to hang onto while you feel your emotions. I guess that’s what I have to say today.

See you tomorrow.







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