Um, Monday. Yuck.

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Oy vey. Turning back to work and school after 5 days off is difficult. It wasn’t the easiest of mornings and all I really know is that the only way out is through (Robert Frost quote, says Google). Even though time traveling back to the walks taken and the movies watched and the laughter shared sounds better than schoolwork and writing deadlines and fixing computers.

So, in the spirit of getting through by figuring out how to be in a better mood, here’s some things that help me.

  1. Yes, I write gratitude lists and send them off to friends a few times a day. Sometimes at 4pm, I write one on the white board in the kitchen. Even if I’m in the grumpiness of moods, this exercise turns some knob in my brain and alleviates the yuck. Yes, there are studies that prove gratitude works. No, I’m not going to link to them because that feels too much like what I do for work. And yes, everyone is sick of hearing about being thankful but yet it’s really what got me through some really hard years recently. Which is why I write a list upon waking and before going to bed every day.
  2. An email box that contains helpful emails. I get poetry from sites like Rattle and Poem-a-Day. I love Carl Richards’ emails and Seth Godin really helps me think in new ways. Rick Hanson.
  3. Clicking on articles that look helpful and skimming them until I see something helpful. Like the idea of going easy on yourself from the NYTimes today.
  4. Coloring in my daughter’s drawing that are scattered around our home. Biking in the am right after I wake up. Doing a guided meditation with Insight Timer (free app!). And looking at art. Just clicking on this website Women Who Draw and taking in a few images makes my brain settle into a lovely sigh.

Good luck out there!



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  1. We all need to have an attitude of gratitude in our lives! Sometimes it is hard to express it when life gets hectic but that is when we need to stop, take a breath and look around at all of our blessings!! If your morning was not too ❤️smooth after five days off think about the dedicated, hard-working teachers!!!

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