My Voice

My Voice*  by Nancy Schatz Alton

“Rhythm is the heartbeat of the world.” -Randy Ford


My voice is the dance in the song of this life.

I write down my voice in words.

But when I read my words: they explode.

They find their place in the universe of us.

Of all of us.

I find myself on stage.

Breaking bottles.

My body accentuating the b’s.

I sword fern my way to this stage.

My voice pushing syllables.

In my office.


But not alone.


My voice is the dance in the song of this life.

I am breaking bottles.

Shattering glass.

Giving rise

to everything.

This thing.

This specific feeling

of being alive in this body

with her entire collection of events


into broken bottles.

B’s breaking over the silence

in my office.

I know you can hear me.

I hear you, too.


*Inspired today by this dance video. I think dance is the art that speaks to my writing at a layer that is unspoken. I like to live here as often as I possibly can.


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