The Weather

The Weather  by Nancy Schatz Alton

A dress is a house.

My home.

I live within her folds.

Its flounce moves with the weather.

My house has so much weather.

I am all metaphor:

tassel & ribbon, extra fabric,

dainty flowers, bold stripes.

I draw my dress’ angles.

My arms make a thatched roof,

My heart: a window.

Today I throw open the sash.

Invite hot sun, green strawberries, flying flies,

cobwebs, birdsong & air traffic in.

It’s easy on a day like today

to open my heart wide.

Especially alone in my backyard.

My dog, the flies, the spiders,

green strawberries.

We keep each other company.

My yard is my dress.

Its red sun umbrella: my heart.

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