I’m not sure how my office looks the same when everything is change.

Last week a source told me that every problem is solvable.

The week before that I wrote down the phrase “Everything is workable.” Set it in my office. I keep coming upon it.

Something about my almost 50-year-old body does not feel workable. I wake up every night at 3am. Is that workable?

That’s the way it is.

My brother Mike says things aren’t good or bad, we just put our feelings upon them.

There’s the rub. Some of us seem to have more feelings than others. Where can we put the feelings?

I’m wide awake at 3am. I’m grateful that my feelings, though, are usually asleep then.

When I had babies, 4am was my waking time. And that 4am wake-up stuck with me so much longer than my kids needing me at 4am.

I don’t know if every problem is solvable, or if everything is workable, only that life moves on past the broken and seemingly unworkable moments. That life asks of us to lay down those moments so we can really see the hummingbird’s beak: sharp, curved, discernible in the right light.

This is what the world offers: another day stretching out ahead of us, the wonder of why the body wakes at 3am, a hanging on to see how the next decade unfolds. The neighbor’s almost 3-year-old as loud as my former 3-year-old, her new baby sister on the scene. A window to what is behind reminding me to close the door and listen to the now.










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