Take In The Sky

I’m eating ice cream in my office. I have never done this before. Indulged, alone, during the work day, with ice cream. I mean, I’ve indulged with cheese puffs and chocolates, but never ice cream. I’m at a lull in work, two assignments handed in, waiting for edits. Six stories to research, at the very […]


Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace The word sits in front of my work desk, pushing me to offer myself the grace that I extend others. Already the day heats up. News from Liz’s choir director, sad my gifted singer is opting for swimming instead of the stress of a large group choir. Minutes later the […]


Strong By Nancy Schatz Alton She’s sure so often now. Flashing behind us: nights spent wavering wavering with me figuring out how to lead. There was a sweetness in the wavering: our limbs tangled together as we slept as soon as I gave myself over to her need. Now she dances in the living room […]