Problems Come and Go, But Can They Dance?

Is this a big problem or a small problem? I keep thinking about this question. I’ve decided to take the word problem out of my lexicon. Once my brother said to me something like this: If you didn’t have your problems, then you couldn’t solve them. It’s not that I’m going to stop having problems. [...]

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Building a Bridge

I keep thinking about antonyms. Private and public, easy and hard, alone and together. I’m a writer. I spend a lot of time alone, writing. Although some days it’s a lonely endeavor, when the words are flowing and I’m writing away and I finish an assignment and I know my work is good, I am [...]

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Falling Apart to Stay Together for Annie

As a journalist who writes about learning issues, I want to tell parents it gets easier. As a parent of child with reading, spelling, math and anxiety issues, I want to give up my spot in the special needs world. I want to grab my almost ten-year-old daughter up and run, run as fast as [...]

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Expectations and Despair

“Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise.” As I walk the dogs, I remember this line from an Alice Walker poem. But I remember it differently. I hear it as, “Expect nothing. Live frugally/on despair.” Why did I love this line long ago? Did my despair feed me? It didn’t. I wanted it all, but I [...]

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The School of Many Chances, Mantra-style

Let me ground this idea in today’s news. This morning I needed to be granted many chances. The waking hours are not my best parenting hours. I woke early, long before the kids needed to get up. I read all my favorite poetry websites, checked my e-email, showered, and coffeed my body. (Shouldn’t coffee be [...]

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Shake It Off!

Monday was so a mid-August day. I was cranky; the kids were cranky; it was hot; and I kept wondering what the dog days of summer really meant. I thought if I could figure out what that term meant I might not throttle anyone with my annoyance. But I knew the dog days of summer [...]

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Waking Up Happy

The news-feed is filled with despair this week and my news-feed equals Facebook, The New York Times, and the helicopter flying above my neighborhood at 6:30 am. Robin Williams took his own life, the cops are shooting citizens, and war rages in so many places on our planet. But I woke up today and found [...]

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Beach Thoughts on those Early Years of Parenting

I sit next to my husband on a rocky beach that faces Saratoga Passage. Already used to the beauty in front of us, I comment to Chris that these women all around us that are parenting small children made it look so easy. “I don’t remember that time as easy. I don’t think I was [...]

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Holding Space

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of holding space. Whatever does that mean? Are you worried that I am about to launch into more mindfulness chatter with no mention of the dogs? Do you come here wanting a wagging tail to convey a tale with meaning packed into the punch line? It’s [...]

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Giving Meaning to the Not-Free Red Chair

Today I spied a gorgeous red chair next to a telephone pole. I slowed down the car and looked for a “free” sign. The chair stood next to the telephone pole that wears a witch around Halloween. The chair wasn’t wearing a “take me” badge, and I thought that the neighborhood kids must have been [...]

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