Shake It Off!

Monday was so a mid-August day. I was cranky; the kids were cranky; it was hot; and I kept wondering what the dog days of summer really meant. I thought if I could figure out what that term meant I might not throttle anyone with my annoyance. But I knew the dog days of summer [...]

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Waking Up Happy

The news-feed is filled with despair this week and my news-feed equals Facebook, The New York Times, and the helicopter flying above my neighborhood at 6:30 am. Robin Williams took his own life, the cops are shooting citizens, and war rages in so many places on our planet. But I woke up today and found [...]

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Beach Thoughts on those Early Years of Parenting

I sit next to my husband on a rocky beach that faces Saratoga Passage. Already used to the beauty in front of us, I comment to Chris that these women all around us that are parenting small children made it look so easy. “I don’t remember that time as easy. I don’t think I was [...]

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Holding Space

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of holding space. Whatever does that mean? Are you worried that I am about to launch into more mindfulness chatter with no mention of the dogs? Do you come here wanting a wagging tail to convey a tale with meaning packed into the punch line? It’s [...]

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Giving Meaning to the Not-Free Red Chair

Today I spied a gorgeous red chair next to a telephone pole. I slowed down the car and looked for a “free” sign. The chair stood next to the telephone pole that wears a witch around Halloween. The chair wasn’t wearing a “take me” badge, and I thought that the neighborhood kids must have been [...]

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How will the book end?

A few months ago I sat and drank tea with a friend. We meet to talk poetry and life every month or so, whenever time allows. I told her about the two white dogs we might adopt. Her reply put me face to face with my memoir writer’s block. “Maybe that’s how your book will [...]

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See Me! Love Me Anyway!

This morning I sat on my twelve-year-old daughter’s bed. Between us sat a dog named Indu. On the floor another dog stood at attention. Julio wanted us to play. My nine-year-old slowly woke in the room next door. And Chris stood watching the dogs, KK, and me. Then he said, “Mom looks like her teenage [...]

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Still a Human Being

Today I clicked here and found out I hadn’t posted in a month. A month! What is up with that? The good news is I have been busy with so many writing assignments. Last week a job teaching creative writing to emerging writers fell out of the sky and landed in my lap, too. I [...]

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Book Review: Paradise Imperfect

To say I was excited to read Paradise Imperfect is an understatement. I don’t recall when I first read Margot Page’s work, but I do know that her “Dear Drudgery” blogs for Brain, Child have become one of my favorite regular reads. Anyone who knows me realizes this is saying a lot. I read incessantly, [...]

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The Required New Year’s Post

It’s the end of the year. By now, you have read too many lists about the good and the bad, the bright and the dark, the old and the new. Perhaps, like me, you find the short dark days both to be too long and too dark. Perhaps, like me, you relish having the kids [...]

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