See Me! Love Me Anyway!

This morning I sat on my twelve-year-old daughter’s bed. Between us sat a dog named Indu. On the floor another dog stood at attention. Julio wanted us to play. My nine-year-old slowly woke in the room next door. And Chris stood watching the dogs, KK, and me. Then he said, “Mom looks like her teenage [...]

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Still a Human Being

Today I clicked here and found out I hadn’t posted in a month. A month! What is up with that? The good news is I have been busy with so many writing assignments. Last week a job teaching creative writing to emerging writers fell out of the sky and landed in my lap, too. I [...]

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Book Review: Paradise Imperfect

To say I was excited to read Paradise Imperfect is an understatement. I don’t recall when I first read Margot Page’s work, but I do know that her “Dear Drudgery” blogs for Brain, Child have become one of my favorite regular reads. Anyone who knows me realizes this is saying a lot. I read incessantly, [...]

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The Required New Year’s Post

It’s the end of the year. By now, you have read too many lists about the good and the bad, the bright and the dark, the old and the new. Perhaps, like me, you find the short dark days both to be too long and too dark. Perhaps, like me, you relish having the kids [...]

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Stay Home

It’s a weird time of year. My yoga teacher Jen talks about this fact every December. The short, dark days plead with us to slow down, to hibernate, to conserve energy and stay warm. The social calendar calls us to go out, live it up, and socialize more than usual. This push and pull season [...]

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Sharing Resources

And we made it to Thanksgiving week! It’s one of my favorite weeks of the entire year. Eating, giving thanks, time for just being, time to sleep in, the week has it all. I’ve been busy lately, writing and reading for my memoir class at the University of Washington, writing stories for ParentMap, fact-checking magazine [...]

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Book Review: The Daily Poet

Often I can’t clear my brain out unless I write a poem. Poetry has always been my best form of therapy, followed quickly by the run. Since I’m not running lately due to aging of the human body (otherwise called sciatica and its accompanying muscle tension), I rely much more on words that tumble into [...]

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Ready for Air: Review & Book Giveaway

I’ve been waiting to read Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood ever since I met the author Kate Hopper. Time is evasive; I think I met Kate a few years ago. Our meeting was kismet. On the local writer’s collective website, I saw an event with a teacher from The Loft Literary Center [...]

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Sharing Resources

Tuesday greetings to you! I want to  do something new here. Every two weeks I want to share links to helpful articles about the special needs/diverse learners world. I also will link to my ParentMap work, which is often about this topic. I write a regular blog about navigating the special needs planet with my [...]

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One Orange Bicycle

Today I tucked one phrase into my brain, which rested, as usual, underneath my knit turquoise hat. When I asked myself what I wanted to bring to my Reiki appointment, I thought this: “one orange bicycle.” I’ve wanted to try Reiki ever since I heard my friend Jane Hewey is a Reiki practitioner. I can’t [...]

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