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Apr 11

Monday Morning Sunlight

Nancy Alton_72dpi_square

If I just stand on the blacktop all day long soaking up the right now sunlight, well, I know the clouds will come and cover up the sun. But if I stand in the embrace of long friendship for as long as possible, I will be heard. I will know all this searching I have …

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Mar 23

Whooshing Down that Mountain


  Is there time enough to learn how to twist wires into a shape of myself? A Facebook friend asked via post, “How do I slow down time?” By capturing sunlight on your face and noticing it. OK, really, I can’t slowdown time. This week, I read a few lines in a novel by Julia …

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Mar 16

Written On My Reflection


Hello again. I must admit that after my long absence, I’m not sure how to inhabit my blog anymore. For years, I’ve toyed with the idea of posting my poems here. My friend Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer has such a lovely daily poetry website. But I’m not sure. What I do know is this: I want …

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Feb 28

I’m Back!

I haven’t published here in a really long time. Would you like a list of the reasons why? I forgot my WordPress password. I’ve been publishing so much work here and here. My dogs demand my attention. I give lots of it to them. I’m conflicted about what to publish here: poetry, rants, lists of …

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Sep 12

Suicide Prevention Week


I wrote an article about suicide prevention for work a few years ago. I put myself in the lead, talked about how familiar I was with suicide ideation. I’d thought about how easy it would be to turn the wheel of my car into a drainage ditch when I was a new driver, age 17. …

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Aug 16

Summer Light


Summer is winding, winding, winding down. The strength of the sun wanes and the chill in the air grows. My girls are growing, growing, growing up. Yesterday I was up early to interview a woman with non-verbal processing disorder at 7am. We talked about her learning disabilities and her strengths. I am growing into a …

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Jun 09

Holding Space


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of holding space. Whatever does that mean? Are you worried that I am about to launch into more mindfulness chatter with no mention of the dogs? Do you come here wanting a wagging tail to convey a tale with meaning packed into the punch line? It’s …

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Jun 02

Giving Meaning to the Not-Free Red Chair

Today I spied a gorgeous red chair next to a telephone pole. I slowed down the car and looked for a “free” sign. The chair stood next to the telephone pole that wears a witch around Halloween. The chair wasn’t wearing a “take me” badge, and I thought that the neighborhood kids must have been …

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Apr 22

How will the book end?

A few months ago I sat and drank tea with a friend. We meet to talk poetry and life every month or so, whenever time allows. I told her about the two white dogs we might adopt. Her reply put me face to face with my memoir writer’s block. “Maybe that’s how your book will …

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Feb 28

See Me! Love Me Anyway!

This morning I sat on my twelve-year-old daughter’s bed. Between us sat a dog named Indu. On the floor another dog stood at attention. Julio wanted us to play. My nine-year-old slowly woke in the room next door. And Chris stood watching the dogs, KK, and me. Then he said, “Mom looks like her teenage …

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