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Feb 25

Tired of Traveling Alone

We are ghost and shadow steeped in skin too hot to drink yet cold to the touch.   I read a blog called the 27 powers.   I don’t know what the 27 powers are.   I have 27 powers.   I can see too much.   But I can’t see the whole story.   …

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Feb 17

Not Alone Enough

Lately I’m stuck on a phrase that isn’t helping me. Have you heard of the idea that we are making it up as we go along? We are making it up as we go along. We are making the coffee and toasting the bread and waking the offspring. It is winter time. Given a day …

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Feb 03

A Full Day’s Work by 9am

Yesterday I wrote a Facebook post about how parenting is hard, and I asked people to compliment a parent even if the only compliment you could come up with was about their shoes. Because who doesn’t love shoes? I made sure to note that I was not having a hard time parenting at that exact …

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Jan 25

The Not-Striving Place

Lately I yearn to be done with striving. Wouldn’t it be nice not to strive, I think. Just who am I striving for? Often I find myself striving for my family. And this is good except when it isn’t. Except that they all can strive for themselves. When my tween is sick and her teacher …

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Dec 10

Macalester Blues


I saw a man at the grocery store with a Macalester baseball hat on. Brand new. Brilliant royal blue with the college name in orange. The grey-haired man wore glasses. I gasped as I saw the hat, so relieved to see one of my people in the upscale-grocery store. “You’re wearing a Macalester hat?” I …

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Aug 10

Full of Summer

It’s August 10th, and summer is not slowing down or cooling down. This is always the time of year when I’m both sad that the school year looms ahead and I’m also losing my mind because summer is not slowing down or cooling down. I’m frantically creating memories for my rapidly growing children while barking …

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Jul 30

Ask and the Teacher Shall Appear


I’m always looking for teachers. I always think the next wise person is right around the corner. Heck, I interview experts for a living. Even as I know my own expert lives right in side of me, I still continually ache for an outsider to help light the way to me. To my interior self …

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Jul 05

Saying Yes

Today I said yes.   I said yes even though I usually say no to going to the water/amusement park with my husband and kids.   I said yes because they are growing up at warp speed right now.   I said yes because I am growing up at warp speed right now.   Say …

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Dec 31

A Look Back with a Glimpse Forward

I haven’t sent out my annual letter yet, the one I tuck in with the holiday photo card. It’s all about bliss this year, but I keep thinking about what I left out. I love honesty in a synopsis, and my letter is truthful. I can say the year was grand, that I was able …

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Feb 11

Still a Human Being

Today I clicked here and found out I hadn’t posted in a month. A month! What is up with that? The good news is I have been busy with so many writing assignments. Last week a job teaching creative writing to emerging writers fell out of the sky and landed in my lap, too. I …

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