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Mar 15


Shhhhhhh…I figured out a secret. Is it the secret? Come closer. Or not, because I like to shout. I’m not going to change. While continually changing. So much of me wants to keep throwing profound statements at you. But I’m looking at a Carl Richards drawing that says: WHY. Why do you do the things …

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Mar 13


Julio By Nancy Schatz Alton I am pressing the blankets of our days into the box of dirt. I am watching you shovel the dirt onto the Cash & Carry box. What did I carry into the house with this box? Olive oil, ground coffee, baggies, 2000 baggies. You carry the box out with precious …

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Mar 13

Connection Saves Us

I didn’t think I’d be so tired today. I forgot how much space holding grief takes up in a body. Maybe that sounds like language that’s too something, but yesterday my dog Julio died on my watch. Roughly a few hours after Chris and I decided to put him to sleep later that day, I …

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Mar 08

Night Wakings

Mothering: Age 16     by Nancy Schatz Alton The night waking evolves & it’s almost like a miracle to be needed by you even as I’m still figuring out how to make it up as I go along. This parenting is like a run-on sentence with no grammar fix because if I pile up enough words …

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Mar 07


Photo by K. Kelley

Strong By Nancy Schatz Alton She’s sure so often now. Flashing behind us: nights spent wavering wavering with me figuring out how to lead. There was a sweetness in the wavering: our limbs tangled together as we slept as soon as I gave myself over to her need. Now she dances in the living room …

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Mar 06

Rondo for the Light

Rondo for the Light By Nancy Schatz Alton The bumper flies & lands away from me. The man offers me blame. Just like that: I’m done. Really, that’s how you’re going to play it? We’re alive, we’re stepping out of our cars, photographing details & numbers. His jeep, jet black & asking me to believe …

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Mar 02

Memoir Pages

Remember when I promised that I’d occasionally drop some pages from my work-in-progress memoir here? Well, here you go. Enjoy and have a good weekend. I can’t cry all day. I can’t start in the morning. Or maybe I can start crying in the morning after everyone has left the house. But how to stop? …

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Mar 01


A Tall Glass of Tomorrowland   by Nancy Schatz Alton   I am drinking you in the way you turn away from me the end of your ‘bye caught and tossed to the world which now waits for you as I watch your backside high-waisted, giant-pocketed jeans red sweatshirt, perfect-fit, very neat made especially for the …

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Feb 27

A Wave We Ride

“Difficulty becomes familiar, at least, if no less difficult. The trouble with setting goals is that you’re constantly working toward what you used to want.”  –Sarah Manguso   Can I be brave enough to repeat what I’ve failed at, repeatedly? I read a blog about how kids are already who they are, that we make …

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Feb 23

I’ll Never Stop Writing This Story

I’m waiting for my story to be complete. Then I can finish writing my memoir. But last night I freaked our during my daughter’s excessively long homework time. Which is long because of her slow processing speed. And it’s soaked with her tears because she’s sensitive and I’m a monster. Although I’m not a monster: …

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