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Dec 14

Where I’m At

I liked how writing on my blog every day made me confront my feelings with words. How doing this every single day made for easier days. How hard it is to face the storm inside. How easy it is to say I shouldn’t feel like this or that, just tell myself to get on with …

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Dec 13

Simple Song


Simple Song   I am what I ask for Even as I search the phone, the book, the friend for one right answer— my life piles behind me I blow it away and take it in.   I am what I ask for— Green leaf & blue sky Orange walls & red sweater Warm smile, …

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Dec 06

Morning Song


Gratitude slams into me. It arrives when I’m driving KK to school and we’re stopped at the stoplight. The light is perfect, morning blue as the sun rises with the electrical wires crisscrossing across the scene. KK snaps a picture of the moment and shows me the birds on the wire: “Birds.” She’s joyful and …

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Nov 30

We’ve Come to the End

Ah, we’ve come to the end of November: the last day of my daily blogging. Of course it makes me ask, what’s next? I don’t know, but I do know I want to offer up thanks that I played this game. Because it was a kind of play, and it was good for me. What …

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Nov 29

I’m Making Tea


Ah, winter. Ah, dark, rainy days. Ah, me trying to limit outside news to balance my interior health. Um, cut to me making small talk with a neighbor about how my daughter eggs me on to look at the positive instead of focusing on world news. Then the neighbor saying, “That’s privilege.” And me stepping …

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Nov 28

Julio + Tangent

Every day brings something new. Today my older dog is not feeling so hot. He’s at the tip of my thoughts even as I’m trying to let my thoughts be. There is no getting around growing old. There is no protecting myself or my family from loss. There is only now: Julio tucked in a …

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Nov 27

Um, Monday. Yuck.

Oy vey. Turning back to work and school after 5 days off is difficult. It wasn’t the easiest of mornings and all I really know is that the only way out is through (Robert Frost quote, says Google). Even though time traveling back to the walks taken and the movies watched and the laughter shared …

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Nov 26

Leap, Land, Leap, Land

There’s no one like a friend you’ve known for 30 years to cut through your maze of words and hand you back an idea. Last night my friend Jen came over with her family and we chilled and talked and chilled and talked. Late in the evening, we talked about our fears: tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, …

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Nov 25


Ah, the writing of the blog every day continues to be an interesting process. Today I’m busy with the ordinary (groceries, cleaning, laundry) and sad. Sad that one more Thanksgiving has passed, this time with my eldest almost 16. I mean, we are still in the middle of the holiday weekend, but I can’t help …

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Nov 24

Mall Rats

Hello! I hear it’s Black Friday. A quote about shopping from Seth Godin inspired my poem today. It’s a rough draft for sure, squeezed in before I start a day off. Hooray!   Mall Rats “The buying race is over. Amazon won. The shopping race, though, the struggle to create experiences that are worth paying …

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