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May 18


I want to write in the third person to get some distance from my flaws. I want to believe Madeleine L’Engle when she writes that our flaws will get us through. I want to tell you that my youngest donned a helmet and a harness and climbed halfway up the rope ladder and almost made …

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May 11

Fear & Freckles

The years lay down a soundtrack that no one can fall asleep to. Isn’t that why Buddhists ask us to clear the mind? What do you want to believe? That all is suffering, or that each moment is new? When I take the time to really look at your freckles, I find the path out …

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May 10


Advice by Nancy Schatz Alton “In fact it takes a long time to realize/ your suffering is of very little consequence/ to anyone but you.” –Melissa Stein, from “Seven Minutes in Heaven.” When the suffering comes the entire house sleeps Or it feels like that But the noises tell you otherwise The rain drips from …

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May 07

Not Sleeping


The endings pile up and I lay awake at night and think about faith. Not faith in a specific God, but faith that all will be well enough. That I will let go of the outcomes for my kids and they will fly well enough, fly away from me. My oldest stretches and leans away …

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May 04


Want* by Nancy Schatz Alton   The older I get the more I want to see the eagle’s wingspan opening after he snatches the vole. The more I want to clearly see my place in things. If I’m going to die let me know the ground took every piece of me and made something useful …

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May 02

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun by Nancy Schatz Alton   I coast in on the voices of my children How they sing together at dinnertime Doesn’t that sound glorious? It’s warm like the sun. If I wake up the rays reach me with joy & leave my storyline alone. I catch up: I really hear the …

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Apr 30

Learning to See


I see the picture of the girls’ choir on their weekend trip and my insides lurch with an ache that’s familiar as my daughter’s profile. My girl didn’t go on the choir weekend. We paid for the trip. She never really wanted to go. We planned and plotted and called it scaffolding. The day before …

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Apr 26



Now By Nancy Schatz Alton   I’m on the edge of something. Its curves lead to my flaws, the messes I’ve made, the ruptures followed by repair.   I’m dancing to Prince. My youngest returns all notes with her perfect pitch We’re weaving a story out of song.   One of my oldest friends hands …

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Apr 23


Dale Chihuly glass art

Arrived. I’m empty-handed & full plate-cleared & almost satiated. I stare—open-mouthed—at babies & mamas while nodding at the woman with the teary-eyed teen. My amazement never ends, my how-did-I-get-here verbalized, my seething annoyance at too-much-science homework handed down—generation by generation. I want more-more-more! just like my baby who tore pieces from me: which I no …

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Apr 17

The Nest


I want to be in the choir. In step with the people who are snapping their fingers, stomping their feet, slapping their legs. Harmonizing. I am out of step but fully ready to immerse myself in joy. To say I belong even if I’m out of tune and still learning the song. *** I grab …

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