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May 12

Get Loud, Nancy


It’s been so quiet here. Life has been so loud, lately. Someone asked me once how often they should update their blog. I said update it only when you have something to say. Lately I’m saying so much at so many other places. The feature I wrote about trying to pass paid family leave in …

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Feb 17

Not Alone Enough

Lately I’m stuck on a phrase that isn’t helping me. Have you heard of the idea that we are making it up as we go along? We are making it up as we go along. We are making the coffee and toasting the bread and waking the offspring. It is winter time. Given a day …

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Feb 03

A Full Day’s Work by 9am

Yesterday I wrote a Facebook post about how parenting is hard, and I asked people to compliment a parent even if the only compliment you could come up with was about their shoes. Because who doesn’t love shoes? I made sure to note that I was not having a hard time parenting at that exact …

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Jan 25

The Not-Striving Place

Lately I yearn to be done with striving. Wouldn’t it be nice not to strive, I think. Just who am I striving for? Often I find myself striving for my family. And this is good except when it isn’t. Except that they all can strive for themselves. When my tween is sick and her teacher …

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Jan 04

The Eternal Motherhood Cunundrum


I watch Jada Pinkett Smith get fierce on camera about what it means to be a mother in this world. How we put ourselves last. About how we are expected to put our children first, our husbands second, and ourselves last. I watch her daughter listen contentedly. I think about how her daughter has been …

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Oct 28

My Bleeding Heart, Examined


So often I don’t know how to start writing. Especially on happy mornings like the one I’m living right now. The girls don’t have school and I laughed when Chris tried to wake us all up. I loved his befuddlement, the way he called out, “Are you up yet?” Even though we’ve been talking about …

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Oct 08

A Safe Place Called Home

A few years ago I was beautifully and impossibly stuck in grief. Why would I use the word beautifully? Goodness, that’s ridiculous and insanely weird. What’s beautiful about all those tears that streamed down my face as I pushed this rock that I thought of as my daughter’s learning issues up a hill? She repeated …

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May 06

Loving My Mom

I keep thinking about a writing prompt I read recently. It was actually a call for writers to write about what their mother taught them. Oh, a loaded question, right? Because the prompt had those funny ideas that aren’t really funny. Such as, did your mom teach you to mix a perfect cocktail? Let’s laugh …

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Mar 30

When Conversation Isn’t Casual

“I’d like a nap, but the kids are maybe the reason that won’t happen,” I said. “I don’t know, you look pretty fulfilled,” said the Fred Meyer clerk. “I mean, I don’t have kids, but how old are yours?” If this conversation wasn’t weird enough already, it takes a turn for the even weirder here. …

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Jan 26

The Dead Speak


We tend to idolize the dead. It’s so easy to appreciate people when we don’t live with their very human aspects anymore. I can see people with so much more humor and grace when I’m not rubbing up against them, it seems. I think about this all the time when I picture how my father-in-law …

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