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Feb 25

Tired of Traveling Alone

We are ghost and shadow steeped in skin too hot to drink yet cold to the touch.   I read a blog called the 27 powers.   I don’t know what the 27 powers are.   I have 27 powers.   I can see too much.   But I can’t see the whole story.   …

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Jan 18

She’s Turning 14

You know what? When your daughter’s almost 14, there no holy crap she’s a teenager. There’s more, oy vey with a swear word in between she’s almost ready to leave. Except she’s not. She’s still her baby self when she’s sick, especially on the weekends when she’d like to be hanging out with her best …

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Jan 14

Break into Blossom


Do you ever think about the fact that the older we become, the more like a collage we are? And have you weaved that in with the idea that spinning toward the positive with every word you speak can really unravel a bad day? Yes, I’m in poetry speak mode today. But I just read …

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Nov 17

Nothing to Say


The wooden gate marks a beat with no beat. The wind is winning my attention. The rain is pulsing out a rhythm. It’s Tuesday and although the world outside my window is all wetness, I just saw a bee (or what looked like a bee) fly by. The rain moves at a slant, right to …

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Oct 28

My Bleeding Heart, Examined


So often I don’t know how to start writing. Especially on happy mornings like the one I’m living right now. The girls don’t have school and I laughed when Chris tried to wake us all up. I loved his befuddlement, the way he called out, “Are you up yet?” Even though we’ve been talking about …

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Jul 22

It’s an Inside Job

A few years ago, I used to make lists of friends. Sometimes I would make circles too, signifying layers of friendships. I was teaching myself boundaries. I was teaching myself who to trust. I was learning that even though I want to pop my mouth and spill my deepest darkest secrets to everyone I met …

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Jul 05

Saying Yes

Today I said yes.   I said yes even though I usually say no to going to the water/amusement park with my husband and kids.   I said yes because they are growing up at warp speed right now.   I said yes because I am growing up at warp speed right now.   Say …

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Jun 09

Rock On (Celebrating 45)


I spill my rocks out on the wooden desk. The desk that lived in my in-laws home for many years. The wood is solid even if the writing platform is too high. I like that it’s left behind from a time now passed even as I keep pushing against the thought that stuff outlasts people. …

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Mar 17

Onion Thoughts


My skin is thin. The world cuts into me like I’m the layers of an onion. Peel me and you reach tears quickly. Often I dislike my porous hide. Or maybe it’s my eyes within my head that bring me to grief. I see things that usually remain hidden. This is what makes me a …

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Mar 02

Righting a Fiction

I look up from checking out library books at my local branch and see two girls wearing their soccer uniforms. Their blond hairs are swept up in pony tails. One wears cleats while the other wears black Adidas flip-flops. These teens go to my daughters’ K-8 school, and I’m surprised to see them in soccer …

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