The Dance

The Dance  by Nancy Schatz Alton I fold over myself into who I used to be: if we didn’t like ghosts, we wouldn’t become parents   6, 16, 22, 13, 8: our lives illuminated by those who come after. It’s a song we keep singing while forcefully dropping the storyline.   I see me back […]

The Battle

The Battle by Nancy Schatz Alton All night my ears whistle, sing of the weather change The rain slowly arrives: we’re back in the grey. I can’t write eloquently about how I hoped to be better than myself. Stress-free, sliding into fancy clothes, off to the party, humming. No, I’m me. Tired with the weight […]

Forecast: Stormy Weather

Forecast: Stormy Weather  by Nancy Schatz Alton After the storm, I am calm.   After the storm: I grow tired of writing about the storm.   After the storm, people in the middle of the storm call me.   After the storm: I listen to people in the storm.   After the storm, I know […]


Tea* By Nancy Schatz Alton I begin with tea heated in two cups. I read the poems out loud while it steeps.   I steep my brain in words, sift, stir & speak. I sing the song in spoken verse.   I try to make a song that sticks, that feeds me the way tea […]

A Durable Sweater Set

  A Durable Sweater Set  by Nancy Schatz Alton The girl with the blue sweater grades papers. She looks more put together than me. A girl with a plan, a purpose, a sweater set, her life just beginning. I’ve always thought if I had the right clothes, everything else I wanted would arrive on time. […]

Monday Candy

Monday Candy  by Nancy Schatz Alton The coffee shop is cold, patrons ease into Monday. The dog exhales in white puffs. Ritual makes the work week easier. I push into word tasks. See the light orange persimmons pop against bare branches?   The dog exhales in white puffs. Ritual turns Sunday’s losses into a fading […]

They Come & Go

They Come & Go by Nancy Schatz Alton I sing praise to what remains: the living room lit by tiny lights my family talking me returning.   All the phrases that help remind me of what remains these phrases swirl & catch & hit the light.   it could have been otherwise there was always […]

My Story

My Story * by Nancy Schatz Alton Put your stories down, they say— they are too heavy and they make you angry.   You want a prettier word for make. Furthermore you want the I.   The I of your stories to say, It happened to me.   Oh life, you gave me this grief and […]

This Resting Place

This Resting Place  by Nancy Schatz Alton It’s possible to know what I want: a long walk warm coffee fresh expensive pastries cut & shared a weekend spent with intention: walk, coffee, eat write, yoga, no shopping, a little sorting reading.   It’s possible to relish where I’m at now: a long way into parenthood […]