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May 12

Get Loud, Nancy


It’s been so quiet here. Life has been so loud, lately. Someone asked me once how often they should update their blog. I said update it only when you have something to say. Lately I’m saying so much at so many other places. The feature I wrote about trying to pass paid family leave in …

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Feb 25

Tired of Traveling Alone

We are ghost and shadow steeped in skin too hot to drink yet cold to the touch.   I read a blog called the 27 powers.   I don’t know what the 27 powers are.   I have 27 powers.   I can see too much.   But I can’t see the whole story.   …

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Feb 17

Not Alone Enough

Lately I’m stuck on a phrase that isn’t helping me. Have you heard of the idea that we are making it up as we go along? We are making it up as we go along. We are making the coffee and toasting the bread and waking the offspring. It is winter time. Given a day …

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Feb 08

I Came for the Mystery

Life is this changing thing that can’t be grasped too hard. I fall down, not like a leave. I fall down like a weight. There’s one loud thump and I’m back in the past like a good memoir writer returning to the page every day. People make fun of trigger warnings or maybe they think …

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Jan 18

She’s Turning 14

You know what? When your daughter’s almost 14, there no holy crap she’s a teenager. There’s more, oy vey with a swear word in between she’s almost ready to leave. Except she’s not. She’s still her baby self when she’s sick, especially on the weekends when she’d like to be hanging out with her best …

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Jan 14

Break into Blossom


Do you ever think about the fact that the older we become, the more like a collage we are? And have you weaved that in with the idea that spinning toward the positive with every word you speak can really unravel a bad day? Yes, I’m in poetry speak mode today. But I just read …

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Dec 10

Macalester Blues


I saw a man at the grocery store with a Macalester baseball hat on. Brand new. Brilliant royal blue with the college name in orange. The grey-haired man wore glasses. I gasped as I saw the hat, so relieved to see one of my people in the upscale-grocery store. “You’re wearing a Macalester hat?” I …

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Dec 09

Oh, Peter

“Sometime you hate everything.” That’s what my friend wrote to me ten days before he died. I didn’t want to look back on our email interaction when I heard the news of his death. Because reading his typed words the first time was bad enough. I hadn’t seen Peter since I was in my early …

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Sep 15

The Dance

Oh, week three of the school year and we are still finding our way. As the public schools strike and I try not to cry every time I drive by the picket lines, my family has been getting used to the new stresses of our new schedule. I won’t bore you with the details. But …

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Jul 30

Ask and the Teacher Shall Appear


I’m always looking for teachers. I always think the next wise person is right around the corner. Heck, I interview experts for a living. Even as I know my own expert lives right in side of me, I still continually ache for an outsider to help light the way to me. To my interior self …

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