Making a Path

Making a Path by Nancy Schatz Alton We are whacking our way through a forest, untamed. Underneath the understory there’s a million stories: Everyone who came before us making a path of every mistake and misstep broken trust and dried out bones wheels falling off the tracks ruts underneath the understory. We make our own […]

The Letting Go

The Letting Go  by Nancy Schatz Alton   This morning she drove away in the dark, headlights off. Forgotten headlights lighting up my worry. The monster comes roaring back: The one I left behind after her first year. Her neck will snap! The other driver won’t see her! Will they find my contact on the […]


Marge Piercy Plants a Phrase “Some collisions bring luck.” -MP I am the highway at dusk, pink light, Mt. Rainier marks my horizon. I am you, the one that curls into me on the couch, 16 and awake, you color the atoms of this room with everything you see. I am here, looking at trees […]


I read the news while I should be writing. As in social media and NYT’s and texts from friends. It’s how I find out a poet who I don’t know, that’s how I find out Anya Silver died. As I find out she died, I read a poem of hers. And I love it. And […]

Learning to Be Quiet

Learning to Be Quiet by Nancy Schatz Alton Silence is not my first language. I fill all the spaces up with words. Especially when I’m nervous. Talk is not my daughter’s first language. She speaks with her eyes, her face, her singing voice, her silence. A teacher tells me she is the quietest student he […]

Passing Praise

Passing Praise  by Nancy Schatz Alton Right now the quiet is beloved, the coffee warm. The mess is all still life: shoes, Sawzall, empty bags and a hairbrush. There’s nothing to make sense of, my world is well enough: the last few years of hardship have leveled off & turned into good news that’s not […]