Anger & Love

It’s too late in the day to be poetic. The minutes have gotten away from me but I still have an urge to keep this promise to myself. So here I am 14 hours after I woke: writing to you.

I overslept today. I didn’t do my morning writing right away. I found myself struggling to stay calm but somehow I managed. And what I have to say about that: I read a great article that might include one more way to stay calm. So that’s what I have for you tonight: “Got Anger? Try Naming It.”

It’s a brilliant article. I think naming my emotions more specifically will help. I know this morning it actually helped to realize I couldn’t control what I was annoyed about, so I knew I had to let it go.

But you know what helped me get through this morning? Reading my friend Rosemerry Whatola Trommer’s poem on A First Sip. Her poem can be summed up this way: Got Anger? Try To Pour Yourself Some Love.”

“I am love” is my favorite mantra. Or I think to myself: “Loved, loving, lovable.”  I am loved, loving and lovable.

Here’s to love. And anger. And every emotion in-between. Being a human being: It’s a guest house. And that I learned from Rumi.

1 thought on “Anger & Love

  1. Ha! Hello anger. Hello love. And isn’t Rumi’s guest house soooo applicable. Every. Day.

    I am sooooo glad that my poem showed up there for you … I guess I could use it myself right now, too … your post is in the perfect timing for my night.

    Sending you big hugs, Nancy,

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