Writer’s Block

I have blog writer’s block today. I think it comes from standing between two places.

I mean, we are always standing between the past and the present.

But I feel that space in a deeper way as I listen to the washing machine dry our clothes. As the sunlight pours in my office window. For so long, I have wanted a new seat to sit in while I work. Even as I knew that getting to sit in my gorgeous office and write about parenting for parenting magazines was a good task for me. To get to answer the questions that bombarded me as I raised my two daughters: a blessing.

And I’m not done doing that. I don’t start my new job until June. And I know I’ll still write about parenting both because I like to write about what I’m doing and because my new job is part-time.

But I’m at that fork in the road. That moment where I’m finishing up the freelance load and looking back while wondering what is ahead. And I’m trying to not ponder too much.

Blog writer’s road block.

And next Tuesday I’m reading new work for The Process series at Phinney Books at 7pm, alongside Ann Teplick and Anika J. Miller, two fine writers. So, I’m trying to work on an essay that has lived both on the page and in my head since last spring. Oy, come see me read; I have no idea how the copy will turn out.

And y’all: the weather is gorgeous here. It’s a good time to have a bit of extra breathing space. With that phrase, I’m turning back to my deadlines (because I do have a deadline today). See you tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have a poem for you then.

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