They Come & Go

They Come & Go by Nancy Schatz Alton I sing praise to what remains: the living room lit by tiny lights my family talking me returning.   All the phrases that help remind me of what remains these phrases swirl & catch & hit the light.   it could have been otherwise there was always […]

My Story

My Story * by Nancy Schatz Alton Put your stories down, they say— they are too heavy and they make you angry.   You want a prettier word for make. Furthermore you want the I.   The I of your stories to say, It happened to me.   Oh life, you gave me this grief and […]

Thoughts Upon Waking

I miss who you used to be even as I marvel at who you are becoming.   This ease of vacation: I’ll miss it.   This telling myself it’s too hard: it isn’t true.   Making myself take one small step after another is enough to do it.   I’ll make sandwiches and string together […]

This Resting Place

This Resting Place  by Nancy Schatz Alton It’s possible to know what I want: a long walk warm coffee fresh expensive pastries cut & shared a weekend spent with intention: walk, coffee, eat write, yoga, no shopping, a little sorting reading.   It’s possible to relish where I’m at now: a long way into parenthood […]

Empty hands

I read a quote once that I can’t recall, but the meaning of it has stuck with me. It’s a quote about how the people who show up are enough. And not in the way of your best friend showing up on your darkest days, but more about how the people who populate our days […]


Caroline’s alarm goes off early and she’s gone before I’m fully awake. I listen to the rain that has finally arrived. As soon as I begin to worry about her friend driving her to the mall, I know I cannot travel this path. This worry, so familiar, is no longer my friend. There’s so much […]

Giving Thanks

“To feel close to you is good.” -David Hernandez   Every time I hear kids’ laughter in my house or see Liz’s lips curl up into a full, joy-filled smile, I think we did it: we made a home.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!      


I woke up this morning thankful for another year. In one of my dreams, I hugged my Grandma Schatz, tiny but solid. Can she see how far I have come? How I’m still soaked in her love? Last night Kk came home to a sleeping house. She woke us up with her, “Hello?!” So happy! […]