Why Blog Daily?

Everything’s moving so fast right now.

Someone suggested I shouldn’t blog every day. To ask myself why I blog. To set up a schedule and blog a few times a week.

And these are good questions. Time is moving fast. I have too much to do to fit it into the hours I have to do it in. Why blog daily? Who cares enough to read my daily thoughts?

I think the deal is I am not a schedule person. And when Seth Godin wrote that it’s a good idea to try blogging every day for a few months, all of me said yes. Yes: make that container for your work. It’ll make you write every day, and to try to dig deep when I write. Because I want to write from the part of me that is true. Somehow making myself blog every day is a good vehicle for that.

And today I read a great blog that again talks about how authors need platforms.

If someone likes my daily blog (even if they don’t read it daily), that’s working as a platform for my work. Maybe I’m not consistent: switching forms between writing a poem and writing a rambling blog like this one. But that’s the messy middle, I guess. And I LOVE reading daily blogs. Cup of Jo. Austin Kleon. Seth Godin.

But another answer is this: I write the blog to connect myself to people I love who happen to like reading my writing. I send out my posts to them, and often they reply. We have a conversation via their replies. In a time where we don’t have time to get together. I watch my teens spend huge swaths of time with their friends. I don’t have to good fortune to do that right now. My blog is another way to create connection for myself. On a daily basis. This blog is my conversation with you. Even if only 5 of you read it sometimes.

Welcome to my daily platform. Writing daily for the blog is what makes sense to me right now. It’s not clean or tidy because life doesn’t seem to be a clean and tidy thing for me. Here’s my messy self: blog style.









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