This Resting Place

This Resting Place  by Nancy Schatz Alton It’s possible to know what I want: a long walk warm coffee fresh expensive pastries cut & shared a weekend spent with intention: walk, coffee, eat write, yoga, no shopping, a little sorting reading.   It’s possible to relish where I’m at now: a long way into parenthood […]

Giving Thanks

“To feel close to you is good.” -David Hernandez   Every time I hear kids’ laughter in my house or see Liz’s lips curl up into a full, joy-filled smile, I think we did it: we made a home.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!      


  Satiation  by Nancy Schatz Alton Full the feeling of fullness: Texting with my brother at 6am 100 pieces left of the puzzle Liz walking off to talk to people who are not her best friends The way hair falls into place right after a haircut An email from a good friend Another email about […]

Hummingbirds & Hips

Hummingbirds & hips by Nancy Schatz Alton My left hip holds the unnameable; the nerves that pulse here stop me from running & yet these strong legs still hold me up (like the tree trunk out front that refuses to die) & bring me to windows to spy hummingbirds.   I have a feeling these […]

Tacos: Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Tacos on Tuesdays make me content. Crunchy delight: salsa, cheese, beans, veggies & shells, the ordinary tastes extraordinary to me. Oh, November 2nd. I already wanted to break my promise to you, the one about blogging every day. I guess that is why people make promises. It’s easy to blog on day 1, announce to […]


Do you know how lucky I feel? On a day like today when we’re celebrating endings and the sun shines, I know I have it all. Because who else gets to watch you sporting striped pants with confidence? So often, I write to get out of a downward spiral. I forget to note the goodness. […]


I’ve surrounded myself with pictures of joy. As I sit at my desk, within my line of vision are pictures of people I love smiling with so much joy. My mom, my dad, my husband, myself, my girls. My mom in her 20s, hands on her hips, looking straight at me in the same manner […]