Satiation  by Nancy Schatz Alton

Full the feeling of fullness:

Texting with my brother at 6am

100 pieces left of the puzzle

Liz walking off to talk to people who are not her best friends

The way hair falls into place right after a haircut

An email from a good friend

Another email about the possibility of teaching writing classes someplace new

3 deadlines that I can meet by 11am

Re-heated coffee

The word satiated

Cascading ceramic beads


That I only understand physics for part of every day

The patience of patience

The minutes coming: one after another after another, asking me only to be myself

Background noises that anchor me like Monday’s garbage trucks


The ocean waiting for me

My rubber boots

How pictures tell me the past was often happier than my brain remembers

& the videos: my daughters screaming with glee as they run up and down our block

Brightly colored push pins



The boulder of this day — how shall I polish it?





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