What Works

It’s 5pm on Sunday night, the only day I have no work this week. For so long, I thought I should be working more. Or working for pay more often. Now I’m working more, diversifying, switching things up, seeing what works. What works now: I really need that day off to feed me. I was […]


She almost puts balsamic in the cookie dough. She calls out, “Mom!” and I use my woman eyes to locate the vanilla. Her friend calls her Car-o-line. Short but long like that, the melody of her full name—my chest clenches in pleasure. I want to write a poem. This time I have left at the […]

Sing It

Sing It by Nancy Schatz Alton   We are still young. Our amazement still plays like a favorite song on the radio. It’s hard to hold our awe with all the bulletins coming in: beeps, alarms, no more rotary dial sounds for us.   We are still young holding our young making new laps to […]


    Flight by Nancy Schatz Alton I covet your glorious locks so much that you give them to me for seconds.   You throw your luscious brown locks of hair over my head. We look in the mirror at your mop over my crown and laugh, say I look good with your strands teasing […]


The Christmas tree is down. The space stands empty, ready to receive the turn of another year tomorrow. Liz Anne turns 14 tomorrow. Someone asked if I was ready. Who’s ready for change? Does it matter if we’re ready? I prepare myself by calling my kids the year ahead a few months before it arrives. […]

Today’s Angle

What angle shows the blooms best? How will you know that I’ve had these flowers for a week and they’re just now they are starting to sing? Yet I’m not a photographer. I can’t capture the way these flowers make me feel. How every new turn we take highlights ideas we didn’t see at first. […]

This Shore

I can’t make things easier just by wishing it were so. I can only stand in the path that is my life. It doesn’t help to think it was harder back there. Or to know it’s easier than so many other places that people stand. This ache is my ache. The pulling apart of the […]

The Dance

The Dance  by Nancy Schatz Alton I fold over myself into who I used to be: if we didn’t like ghosts, we wouldn’t become parents   6, 16, 22, 13, 8: our lives illuminated by those who come after. It’s a song we keep singing while forcefully dropping the storyline.   I see me back […]

They Come & Go

They Come & Go by Nancy Schatz Alton I sing praise to what remains: the living room lit by tiny lights my family talking me returning.   All the phrases that help remind me of what remains these phrases swirl & catch & hit the light.   it could have been otherwise there was always […]