Let The Water Run

Let The Water Run  by Nancy Schatz Alton We made a complete ocean & this is a lie. We made a creek that dried up in the drought. You told me what I wanted to hear until you were tired of talking. Whenever I forgive myself for my part I’m forgiving essential elements of myself. […]


Magpie  by Nancy Schatz Alton The magpie has my mind. Her tail—what is it for? Her color scheme, her flight, her wing span. How she perches not for me but for me. How the green hills—treeless—exist not for me but for me. How her contours etch a scene I want to capture. Magpie flight, white […]


Comfort  by Nancy Schatz Alton The work of my life is love. It’s a self-centered ache that I offer you on a platter: love. This work the world likes to pretend is beside the point it’s the round point of my pencil telling you listen, love: I love you as you are your cranky self. […]


Want  by Nancy Schatz Alton Every part of me hurts from wanting From making myself rise daily To see about this wanting I’m done tamping myself down You see we’re painting The dining room half-red/half pleasing white A marriage of just enough mayonnaise to let the want scream I want my home to signal you […]

A Lean Crew

A Lean Crew  by Nancy Schatz Alton The only sturdy thing is my indecision My waffling between menu items Always invited laughter When I needed to know: French toast or waffles. Yet mirth held its own blessing Another vantage point In a world fraught With catastrophe. What if falling is funny? Our most irritating habits: […]


Found  by Nancy Schatz Alton “I am not a saint/ Because I keep trying to be a sound, something/ You will remember/ Once you’ve lived long enough not to believe in heaven.” -Jericho Brown, from “Deliverance” I’ve noticed if I hum I’m closer to being in tune But I don’t need to reach the right […]

Want + Need

I want to be a collage artist. I want to be in two places at once. I want to be a poetry professor and the woman who sits in the school while her daughter attends 6 tutoring sessions a week. I want to go backwards and nab an MFA at age 26. Or forward and […]

How To Draw A Triangle

How to Draw a Triangle When Given 3 Angles  by Nancy Schatz Alton Go to Google. Type in: how to draw a triangle. Watch: when given 3 angles pop up. Click on the first choice. Watch the ad. Click the ad off. Watch the man explain how to draw a triangle. Show your daughter. Forget […]


Riptide  by Nancy Schatz Alton                 Can I be considerate of my bitterness? Can I make my own remedy? Can I be citrus peel? My rush of long feeling overpowers minutes. I’m always stepping back, considering the underbelly of bitter pulling myself apart until I can love whatever gets […]


              Mulch  by Nancy Schatz Alton   Words tear up the trees inside of me. Roots exposed, I reach for tools to tamp down destruction. There’s no beating this sadness down. These old tracks, this sordid tale, leaks calcium from my bones I make a box of love, grief’s […]