Falling Water

Falling Water  by Nancy Schatz Alton I feel myself pushing against the sadness that wells up inside of me. Don’t let it out don’tletitout don’t-let-it-out. It’s a crushing wave. I let myself feel it in small spills— Seltzer that ruins the Sorry game we’ve played so many times. I say, “Throw away all the games: […]


              Whoosh  by Nancy Schatz Alton I am the swoosh of the square that shifts with the sway of my hips in my Grandma’s kitchen. Noodles hang from her ceiling. She over-seasons my cereal with sugar. She is sweet with swearing, short and she means it, “Here! You need […]

Sing It

Sing It by Nancy Schatz Alton   We are still young. Our amazement still plays like a favorite song on the radio. It’s hard to hold our awe with all the bulletins coming in: beeps, alarms, no more rotary dial sounds for us.   We are still young holding our young making new laps to […]

Love Song

  Love Song by Nancy Schatz Alton “An idea, too, has a surface, a skin.” – from “The Problem” by Noah Eli Gordon   The idea of you changes like the way my skin ages— more beautiful than I’d imagined the age spots like diagrams to shapes I’ve not yet explored like the triangle of […]

A Drummer Drumming

A Drummer Drumming by Nancy Schatz Alton “I’m a deep kettle whistle” -Hannah Ensor & Laura Wetherington I want to be the drummer playing “The Obvious Child.” No, I want to be the drum being drummed. I want the tapping, the metal reverberations—snapping popping pushing lifting drumming—drummed right into me until I am the dance. […]


    Flight by Nancy Schatz Alton I covet your glorious locks so much that you give them to me for seconds.   You throw your luscious brown locks of hair over my head. We look in the mirror at your mop over my crown and laugh, say I look good with your strands teasing […]


To write one true poem. The year begins, and I hear the words again: To write one true poem. From my wall hanging. The one I stop and read. The one about loving wolves over dogs. Make haste for your gifts. Prepare for the words to light you up. I don’t know which words are […]


  Expectation  by Nancy Schatz Alton I want to write without expectation stealing these words. Still, I can’t quite describe the sound of heat filling this space. The way the light hits the plywood basketball hoop backboard. How being alone is so easy yet I love connection, too.   Can you hear the heat being […]

The Moon

The Moon  by Nancy Schatz Alton I want to show you the moon on the way to the ice-skating rink— a day-away from full my daughter (next to me) laughing at my funny additions to the song the clouds adorning the sky the moon—a feast for our eyes a cliché—the easiest way to say it. […]