Here Comes Winter

The woman who just walked into the coffee shop looks familiar. Why is that, I think. Do I know her? I don’t, but her army green raincoat is almost exactly like mine. Her hair is short, bob-like style, fine hair, like mine. She’s not me. She’s like me. It reminds me of the mindfulness story […]


Whoosh! This time of year is crazy. All of a sudden I have too many deadlines and all of the festivity stuff is beginning. I haven’t had any space to be quiet and reach down into that mucky center and really write. So I’m going to share two poems today. One of my writing students […]


I wake up and I’m remembering my dream. How I was late. Going to a water park with someone I don’t see much of anymore. It was stressful, being with someone I don’t know how to be with anymore. And now it’s hours later and I’m thinking about how reading the news lately maims me. […]

Thinking About Failure

Mondays are so weird. I have a hard time transitioning out of the bliss that is a weekend, especially after a 3-day weekend. My heart is with my kids’ hearts but their hearts are out roaming the world. I notice as soon as they are almost gone (as I’m waiting for Annie to be ready […]

These Days Of Rain

On days when I wake up happy it is hard to write. Who needs to hear about hours that bend to my wants how even the laundry feels easy? How this picture with words feels beside the point when there’s warm coffee, leftovers from an Italian restaurant heat swirling from multiple vents, a girl who […]

Hoping for Change

In the middle of last night, I was awake and listening. A plane flew overhead and it sounded so loud. Why was it so loud? Was it the way the clouds were structured at that moment in time? Night fog? Low, thick rain clouds? The airplane engines sounded scary and foreboding. Like it was the […]

Choosing Connection

Last night I was stressed, trying to decide if I should go to the high school social media talk for parents, the K-8 school talk on why failure is good for kids, or with my teen to get a book on launch day. I was making dinner and helping the tween with homework. The tween […]