Wasting Time

I’m alone. I’m eating curry. I’m listening to Sam Smith. Loud. I’m sorting papers. I’m remembering my editor Lisa who told me that I need to waste time for new stories to find me. Your co-worker who looks like he is wasting time on the Internet? He has the best story idea. I like making […]


It’s almost time for bed, but here I am. I promised myself I’d post everyday. That this would be a container for my work, my way of making myself show up on the page even when I’d rather coast. It’s tricky, having a blog, even when blogs are out of style and not the way […]

Dart & Settle

This word is one small stone. I lift it up onto the page because I told myself I’d keep going. I’d keep writing here every day past my November goal. Why? I can be sarcastic and mean to myself and say these words don’t matter except I know they do matter for me. I’m writing […]


Decades ago, a friend gave me a bookmark that read: “Stretch yourself for greatness and for height.” (George Chapman, perhaps?) Lately I’ve been stretching myself. I’m not taller. And I think this stretching means I have more deadlines. Which means I’m tired. I’m writing this blog before I turn to more work. Prepping for the […]


Eleven hours of sleep make me a cloud with nothing to say. A cloud with dishwater blond hair, stinky breath and coiled muscles. One with a brain thinking about language and how I overuse words. That is what’s next: creating a new dictionary for myself to feed my brain. Blogging every day is magical because […]

Tacos: Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Tacos on Tuesdays make me content. Crunchy delight: salsa, cheese, beans, veggies & shells, the ordinary tastes extraordinary to me. Oh, November 2nd. I already wanted to break my promise to you, the one about blogging every day. I guess that is why people make promises. It’s easy to blog on day 1, announce to […]

Making Pizza Dough

I make time to make dinner for my family even though I’ll be at work when they eat it. It’s the opposite of making them do things for themselves. It’s the ultimate in taking care of someone else even as anyone can argue that my family should take care of themselves. But this making dinner […]