Our Own Front Porch

The sun is pouring through the front window and I’m trying to figure out what to write. I have little time. I’m working at the bookstore today.

I’ve tried reading to see if it spurs me to write something interesting. I’ve read some great lines that I wish I wrote.

I see time running out and this is the only time I have to write today.

Profound, right?

OK, I read a great line in a poem about girlfriends who stick around, how their porches are safe places to land.

That made me think about how lately I’ve landed within myself, decided to appreciate who I am more often than I spend time wondering why I’m not like other people. Limiting my social media time has helped with that! It was funny to think about how I thought about people I rarely saw just because their news was on my social media newsfeed.

I’m on my own newsfeed now. I’m working on creating a soft place to land right inside myself. Aren’t we all doing that? I mean, as a parent I love the phrase about how we need to be soft places to land for our children. That means I need to be a soft place for myself to land.

Ah, leading, it teaches me how to care for myself.

Have a good Saturday. See you tomorrow.






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