I want to slow down enough to write a pantoum. But my mind is made up of lists. Lists and the need to reach through a touch of fear as I tackle task after task. I know I just have to dive into the new, that I’ve written at least a thousand articles. Writing an article for a new job is something I know how to do.

This is one of the first mornings that I haven’t had to leave the house, and the house is quiet. And I’m sitting in the sunlight. I have work to do, that article to write, and interview in an hour. The pantoum writing isn’t happening.

Still, I’m full of joy. I’ve made it through 4 weeks at a new job and I like the job. Being in the middle of transition is easier than thinking about transition. My dog is curled next to me; I think she is glad I am working at home today. Perhaps she’s satisfied because we just took a long walk.

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of June. June, the most glorious month. It’s a month when the future seems possible, thanks to the blooming flowers and the fresh raspberries from my garden. I mean, of course, mentioning the future means I must say not every minute is saturated with joy. I mean: I mentioned my fear, right?

Still, the sun: it warms the back of my neck as I type this blog. Can you feel it? I’m holding this moment of warm before I dive into the work.

Happy Friday everyone!




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